Bonang: SAA is a trash airline

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Bonang and SAA drag each other.

Bonang Mathebe is back at it again. The ‘Queen’ has taken to Twitter to complain about South African Airways (SAA) once more.

Bonang has landed herself on the trends list because of her beef with SAA. She complained about the airline’s services on Twitter, but things didn’t go as she planned.

The model and television presenter tweeted SAA saying: “We don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please.”

The Twitter account that is apparently committed to improving the customer service of SAA actually responded to Bonang.

“Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals.”

No one saw this coming and Bonang has not been happy with the painful response she received from SAA.

She hit back with another tweet. This time she didn’t complain about the food and chose to attack the airline itself.

“Better response would’ve been-“Sorry. How can we improve our customer service”. Trash airline.”

Looks like the rule that says “the customer is always right” doesn’t apply here.

This is not the first time Bonang has criticised SAA. Last year she complained about the food as well.

“….what’s happening with this cheese board snack nyana what what? What is that?”

That cheese platter must really be terrible or she just doesn’t like it.

The incidents raise the question of why she keeps using the airline if she continues to have problems with it.

Twitter is split when it comes to Bonang versus SAA. Some have called the airline unprofessional while others praised it for not catering to Queen B’s every whim.

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