IN MEMES: Khanyi Mbau’s ‘pink’ skin

khanyi mbau
Twitter drags Khanyi Mbau over her skin colour.

Khanyi Mbau has set social media alight after she posted a picture of herself where her skin looked so different people couldn’t recognise her.

Khanyi is the entire package. She’s an actress, a television presenter, a radio personality and a model.

But people haven’t been impressed with her lately. She shared a picture of herself on Twitter on Monday and the internet went crazy over her skin colour, which looked lighter and almost pink.

Khanyi has always been open about her love of skin bleaching and cosmetic surgery. But this picture came as a huge shock to fans because they could barely recognise the black beauty.

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We’ve put together a list of the best responses to Khanyi Mbau’s ‘pink’ skin below.


Khanyi Mbau clapped back at her haters with a tweet that said: “Twirra since 2005 and you are still on me…who I marry, what I drive, where I work, how I get my money, now what colour I am! Welcome back.”


The tweet has since been deleted but people are just not letting it go.

Some people have gone as far as saying Khanyi’s mind has been bleached because Twitter was only founded in 2006.

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