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More lions escape from Kruger National Park

lions escape kruger national park meme
Some of the best #LionsEscape memes.

The lions of the Kruger National Park have had enough as four more escaped during the weekend.

Remember when five lions escaped from the Kruger National Park back in May? It took a helicopter and some tranquilisers to capture four of them.

Now another four lions have escaped, giving us season two of Prison Break: Lions’ Edition.

The situation is quite serious, but South Africans always find humour in everything.

Kruger National Park security to the lions: Listen guys, we can’t afford another embarrassment. Don’t escape again.

Hey, Donald Trump. The Kruger National Park needs a wall.


They managed to find four of them.

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  • Lion of Judah
  • Lion safety matches
  • Hungry Lion

lions escape meme

So where is the last one?

Maybe these four lions are looking for the fifth one that is still missing from the last escape.

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