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Former father of SA, Thabo Mbeki, turns 75

thabo mbeki birthday
Birthday wishes pour in for Thabo Mbeki.

Former president Thabo Mbeki celebrated his 75th birthday today.

On 18 June, 1942, a child was born who then became one of the greatest leaders of a nation.

Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki turned 75 today. It is quite befitting that the former father of South Africa celebrated his birthday on Father’s Day.

Politicians, celebrities and citizens all took to social media to wish the former president on his special day.

Many praised him for his leadership when he was president, especially since President Jacob Zuma has plunged the country into a political and financial crisis.

Nelson Mandela’s former assistant even expressed sadness at Mbeki’s recall.

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Several people also called Thabo Mbeki the last president of South Africa.

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