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Group fights to change law on sexual abuse

child sexual abuse
The Teddy Bear foundation tries to overturn a law,

A group called the Teddy Bear Foundation is trying to change the law when it comes to sexual abuse.

The Teddy Bear Foundation will act as ‘friend of the court’ in a case that involves a sexual offender who allegedly committed sexual offences decades ago.

The group aims to challenge a part of the law that says that all sexual offences cannot be prosecuted 20 years after the crime has been committed. On the other hand, there is no time limit for the crime of rape.

The application was brought to the court by eight people who claimed they were sexually abused as children.

The Teddy Bear Foundation is represented by the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) at Wits University.

CALS believes victims of all forms of sexual abuse should be able to access justice at any time. The centre argues that children who are sexually assaulted are often unable to come to terms with the experience until later in life.

They usually reveal information about their experience when they are adults. By then it is too late for these victims because 20 years have already passed.

Shaheda Omar, clinical director at the Teddy Bear Foundation, stated that all victims of any type of sexual abuse should be protected.

“The protections offered to survivors of rape need to be extended to the survivors of sexual assault. All sexual offences must be sanctioned by the law.”

“It is critical that all victims of sexual abuse be treated fairly and equally and be given the opportunity to be heard whenever they are ready.”

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