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Zuma’s lawyer: Secret ballot will not change votes

President Jacob Zuma.
President Jacob Zuma.
The secret ballot may be pointless.

The fight to have a secret ballot may all be in vain because President Jacob Zuma’s lawyer believes the secret ballot will not change the votes.

South Africans marched to the Constitutional Court yesterday to show their support for the secret ballot case.

The hearing of the case comes after the United Democratic Movement (UDM) filed an application with the court. The party requested that ministers of parliament be allowed to vote in secret for the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

Basically, the president’s haters wanted to able to vote anonymously without fear or intimidation. And we don’t blame them.

There is one problem with the secret ballot though. National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete said the constitution does not say what the rules are when it comes to a secret ballot. This means Madam Speaker does not have the power to allow a secret voting.

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Zuma’s lawyer, advocate Ishmael Semenya, actually did not oppose the secret ballot. In a surprising turn of events, he argued that there was no disadvantage to voting in secret.

Advocate Ishmael Semenya. (Picture: Magunga)
Advocate Ishmael Semenya. (Picture: Magunga)

Semenya said MPs would not vote differently whether it was an open ballot or secret ballot. There is no risk for MPs to openly vote against Zuma if they honestly think they have lost confidence in him, argued Semenya.

Who is he kidding? Can you imagine what Zuma would do to people who openly oppose him and make him lose his job? Just look at what happened to our dear former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas.

It seems strange that Zuma’s lawyer is all for the secret ballot, but Zuma himself is against it.

Do you think the secret ballot will change anything?

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