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WATCH: South Africans march to ConCourt for secret ballot

Protesters gather at Mary Fitzgerald Square ahead of the secret ballot Constitutional Court. (Picture: Mamaponya Motsai)
Protesters gather at Mary Fitzgerald Square ahead of the secret ballot Constitutional Court. (Picture: Mamaponya Motsai)
ConCourt to decide on secret ballot case.

Opposition parties have called on South Africans to support them in their march to the Constitutional Court before the hearing of the secret ballot.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and other opposition parties have called on South Africans to join a march to ConCourt today.

The march is in support of the application filed by the United Democratic Movement (UDM). The party requested for a secret ballot. This means the vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma should be made anonymously.

The opposition parties and organisations believe Zuma will only be removed from office if members of parliament (MPs) can vote in secret. The only way for the motion to be successful is if between 50 and 70 MPs vote against Zuma.

epa04616266 South African President Jacob Zuma arrives for the opening of parliament to deliver his State Of The Nation Address in Cape Town, South Africa, 12 February 2015. Reports state that South African President Jacob Zuma is expected to be met with hostility during his State of the Nation speech, with questions being raised over the corruption scandal surrounding his 20 million euro private estate, a national electricity crisis and oppostion parties threatening to disrupt his speech. EPA/NIC BOTHMA / POOL
President Jacob Zuma arrives to deliver his State of the Nation Address in Cape Town in 2015. (EPA/Nic Bothma)

Earlier this month, EFF leader Julius Malema called on South Africans to meet at the ConCourt on the 15th May 2017 for the secret ballot case.

He was certain that Zuma will be no longer be president if the MPs were allowed to vote in secret.

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The opposition parties released a statement, which explains the reason for wanting a secret ballot.

“The Constitutional Court is the last line of defence for citizens when betrayed by those who wield political power. We believe that President Zuma’s continued stay in office poses a major threat to constitutionalism in South Africa.”

“It threatens to weaken our economy, to impoverish millions of our people, and further to corrupt and ultimately collapse our state. This negative trend can and must be reversed!”

Protesters will gather at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown before making their way to the court.

See the march in progress below.

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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