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Nandi Madida defends #MenAreTrash


The death of Karabo Mokoena at the hands of her boyfriend sparked heated debate on social media.

The hashtag #MenAreTrash opened a lot of wounds and has helped encourage women to come forward with their stories of abuse.

The trend saw women coming forward telling stories about how they survived abusive relationships. Some told stories of how their loved ones were murdered by men.

The hashtag angered so many South African men that some responded with #NotAllMen – defending themselves against what they call ‘unfair generalisations.’

But aren’t they missing the point of what the hashtag is really about? #MenAreTrash is not an attack on masculinity or personal morality but an outcry from women.

According to the 2016 report on Victims of Crime by Statistics SA, one in every four women faced violence from within their homes and relationships.

Television personality, Nandi Madida took to Twitter to defend #MenAreTrash saying she will not “endorse” the hashtag as she was raised by a loving father.


Nandi Madida (@Nandi_Madida) tweeted at 9:45 AM on Fri, May 12, 2017:
I cannot endorse that  #MenAreTrash as I was raised by an amazing, loving father. What I will say is that some humans are TRASH. #RipKarabo

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