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UPDATE: Karabo Mokoena’s family speaks out

Karabo Mokoena. (Picture: Twitter)
Karabo Mokoena. (Picture: Twitter)
Karabo Mokoena's family are traumatised by her death.

The family of murder victim Karabo Mokoena have opened up about how they feel after her tragic death.

Tributes have been pouring in for Karaba Mokoena, a 22-year-old woman from Soweto who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend.

She was last seen by her family on 27 April. Her burnt body was discovered by police on 29 April, just two days after her disappearance.

Police did not know they body they found was the same person who was reported missing just the other day. Karabo’s family were notified of her death yesterday.

The family is battling to come to terms with the loss of their loved one. Karabo’s parents have been traumatized by her death.

They also said it was a traumatic experience to identify her remains.

karabo mokoena
Karabo Mokoena. (Twitter)

“We have looked at the body, of course you know your child, the mother knows her child and for the mere fact that he has confessed, saying he dumped the body somewhere. Indeed, when we went there, the body was found,” Karabo’s uncle told EWN.

Karabo’s father, Tshepo Mokoena, alleged her boyfriend confessed to him about killing her and burning her body.

People on social media started using the hashtag #MenAreTrash to raise awareness about violence against women. They highlighted the dangers women face every day at the hands of men.

Celebrities also weighed in on the discussion, with some men agreeing that men are trash and a danger to women

The Mokoena family are grieving but they thanked South Africans for their love and support during this painful time.

(Featured Image: AFP)

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