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WATCH: Connect meets up with Lady Zamar

We met up with Lady Zamar, and she gave us the low down on her upcoming album.

Lady Zamar, a soulful, vibrant vocalist and songwriter known for her singles, Mamelodi, Pitori and Run Away and most recently, Love is Blind, has had many South Africans falling in love with her.

She has had many setbacks in the industry and has faced disappointments. The biggest challenge she has ever faced was in the beginning of her career when she was promised things that never came to pass. Against the odds, she has made it through, and even though at some point, she was wanted to leave the industry.

She says she would have been extremely unhappy if she had chosen something else. “I have always wanted to be a lecturer and all that stuff.”


Lady Zamar has an album coming out soon called King Zamar. “I have put my heart and soul into the album and all the experiences from the past two years, and I just hope everyone loves it,” she says

Surprisingly, Lady Zamar doesn’t listen to house music, which is quite surprising considering how she is totally slaying us all in these songs.

We cannot wait to hear her full album so we can catch a glimpse of who she really is through her art.

See her full interview with us below:


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