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Why South Africans can’t get over Atul Gupta’s voice

Atul Gupta. (Picture: Gallo/James Oatway)
Atul Gupta. (Picture: Gallo/James Oatway)
This is one voice you were not expecting.

Have you ever actually heard the voice of our ‘president’? No, we’re not referring to Jacob Zuma. We’re talking about Atul Gupta.

South Africans are in shock after Atul Gupta was interviewed by BBC Radio 4. And it’s not because of what he said during the interview.

Gupta claimed that the leaked emails, which allegedly proved the link between the Guptas and state capture, were fake.

He also denied that his family created the term “white monopoly capital“.

If you’re a little confused about what the Guptas have to do with white monopoly capital, maybe this will help you out.

People on social media have not been able to get over the interview because of the way his voice sounds.

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For those of you who are wondering what his voice sounds like, listen to this podcast.

You will want to turn the volume up at around the seven-minute mark.

(Featured Image: Gallo Images)

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