This #WorldEmojiDay – What’s your favourite?

On World Emoji Day Twitter came out guns blazing. We had a look at what the world is saying when it comes to texting and tweeting with emojis.

Who doesn’t use emojis these days? Today is World Emoji Day, and Twitter came out in full force. You can send an entire text merely using your favourite emojis – but it’s still not an official language. The Oxford Dictionary will check you on that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love it the way we do.


Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter


According to Twitter, South Africans use the prayer hands emoji the most. Is it a prayer hands emoji or a high five? We say it’s all contextual. America use the sad face the most, and Spain uses the arm flex emoji most. Today is #WorldEmojiDay, and we had a look at what the world is saying.
This guy wrote John Lennon’s “Imagine” in emoji:

Queensland wants a koala emoji:


The Royal Opera House wants you to guess the ballet:


James Melville built a chess board out of emojis:


This archaeologist reminds us where emojis could’ve come from:


The British Museum reminded us of the origin of the wave emoji:


As a throwback, Andy Murray tweeted this series of emojis on his wedding day:

What emojis are your favourite? Let us know what your top 5 is! 🙏🏻

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