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WATCH: Blac Chyna responds on Good Morning America

Blac Chyna and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, speak out on national American TV.

A lot of us will agree that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship drama has gone on long enough, but unfortunately it shows no signs of ending any time soon.

Blac Chyna has secured the representation of American civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom in a case that is likely to drag on for months. Chyna’s lawyers responded to Rob Kardashian’s rants and the public shaming of his former fiancee.

Rob has also been shamed for what Chyna and her lawyers label “revenge porn”, an offence punishable by law in the state of California, where the two reside.

On Connect: Rob Kardashian blasts Blac Chyna and leaks her nudes

The drama was aired on social media last week after, according to Rob Kardashian’s Instagram posts, Blac Chyna sent him a video of herself loved up with another man. The social media “exposé” was a messy plethora of wild accusations, name calling and leaked nudes.

Instagram responded by shutting down Rob’s account, and Blac Chyna has resumed posting to social media, but she has remained relatively mum about the drama. Well, that was until Monday when Chyna and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, went on national American television to tell Chyna’s side of the story.


During the interview, Blac Chyna shared how she felt completely betrayed by Rob leaking her nudes. She also touched on how she was already ‘Blac Chyna’ before getting with Rob, her response to the gold-digger allegations that have been made against her on the internet.

Peep part one of the interview here

Are you team Rob or team Chyna?

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