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Vusi’s got 99 problems and the EFF is one


So while most of us were minding our own business and enjoying our long weekend, Vusi Thembekwayo and Sizwe Dhlomo were scratching each other’s eyes out … virtually, that is. 

In case you missed the beginnings of the squabble, here’s the catch-up

Vusi, a renowned businessman, hopped on to social media to air his views on the taxi strike that brought Gauteng to its knees last week. This wouldn’t be an issue under normal circumstances … But these weren’t normal circumstances. TV and radio presenter Sizwe Dlomo also hopped on to Twitter to blast Thembekwayo for allegedly stealing his thoughts … Yes fam, “thought stealing” is now a thing. 


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And it continued after Vusi caught feelings…


But the businessman wasn’t about to be caught sleeping and he fired a spicy clap-back in the video below!

If you thought this was the end of it, think again. What’s a clap-back without the EFF chiming in? I mean did it even happen if the EFF doesn’t weigh in?

EFF leader Julius Malema took to the party’s official account to share his views on industrialisation.


Thembekwayo made the fatal error of tweeting: “I see my idea of building factories & not malls is finally being championed by a political org. Kuhle (that’s good) (next build factories in townships!).”

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed; in fact, it was quickly spotted by bae Ndlozi, who accused Thembekwayo of having no intellectual integrity and having developed a false sense of self-identity. OUCH!


Vusi done messed with the wrong one. Hold this L!

Whats your take? Are you Team Vusi, Sizwe or EFF?

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