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Five things you will totally get if you’re in love

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These are the things you'll only understand if you are in love

Love is complicated but it is something we all seek. There is no feeling like loving someone and them returning their love.

We compiled a list of things you will totally get if you are in love and even when you are not, we’re pretty sure you can remember feeling this way when you were in love

#1 You feel a great sense of support from your partner

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Makes no difference whether this is physically or emotionally, knowing you have someone who supports you allows you to feel not so alone in the world. You can have this person’s support even without asking for it. There is no better feeling then that complete security.

#2 Your partner includes you in all decisions

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Whether it is buying a new watch or buying a new car, your partner will always include you in the decisions that he\she makes because they believe that your views on the matter are important. Ultimately they will include you in the small decisions and eventually the bigger ones.

#3 You get jealous at times

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You know that feeling when you can’t help but try to know what is going on in your partner’s life. You will check, check and double check that there is no one else in their life but you.

#4 You are now into the romantic stuff

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All of a sudden you are into those romantic movies, books and dinner dates. You are an optimist and you now believe that love exists. Your experience allows you to even offer others your honest opinion on the subject of love.

#5 You cannot imagine life without the bae

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Life now as a new meaning, it seems you will never find someone like this person you are with now. You have found happiness and satisfaction. It will be difficult to have another person replace him/her or even try to come and take over his/her place in your heart.

Let us know if you agree with the above and if you’ve ever felt like this before

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