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Falling in love can make you lose weight

Falling in love could take inches off your waist.

Yes, the post-breakup glow up is fire, but the falling-in-love glow up is also just as good. For women especially, the day you fall in love is a day of reawakening.

The reason why a women is most beautiful when they are in love isn’t because of the men – no gents, it’s really not about you. It seems that when you fall in love, your body changes for the better, making it easier to lose weight.

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When you fall out of love though, it’s the exact opposite. You are unable to control your appetite and have zero motivation to lose weight.

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Another theory about falling in love is that it helps boost norepinephrine. If you didn’t know, norepinephrine helps you burn fat faster, turning fat into energy that can be metabolised by your body more efficiently.

Being in love helps your body get the norepinephrine it needs to burn fat more efficiently. WINNING!

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The love hormone, called phenethylamine, is said to be doing the most. The hormone multiplies the effect of dopamine in your body. While working to suppress your appetite, it also increases fat-burning efficiency.

It is also alleged to be an active ingredient in some weight-loss solutions, so maybe falling in love isn’t so bad.

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