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Five things that come with moving in with the bae

Couple On Sofa Taking A Break From Unpacking On Moving Day
Moving in with bae can be a real test for your relationship.

So you and the bae are considering taking the relationship to the next level by moving in together, but do you really know what it could mean, and is it as nice as you would think?

We decided to compile a list of the things that will make you think twice about moving in with the bae.

#1 You friends can’t just pop up anymore

Three friends talking at home

You know how you always have your friends popping in with a bottle of gin to come and launch you off into the night to do things you’ll regret tomorrow? That’s no longer an option. You and bae will have to alternate having friends over because while you may be in the mood, they may not.

#2 Your place is going to be redecorated entirely

It is time to start this renovation
It is time to start this renovation

Move this couch over there, paint this wall, get this new washing machine, get wooden floors, not carpets! These will be the orders being barked at you by bae trying to make your house into a home or maybe just trying to add a piece of themselves into your life. Goodbye, Batman poster.

#3 No more alone time

Hotel wood door with a Do not disturb sign

Finding time to find your inner self and some quiet time will prove to be very difficult. Your partner is in your space 24/7, so this means even when you go to take a poo, he will be there. So you just might have fights about when to do the thing, and be sure to stock up on some aerosol and anything and everything to get rid of the smell.

#4 When you argue, it gets a little awkward

Offended black guy having bad fight with girlfriend and shouting

Remember how you used to be able to block bae on all platforms and ignore them until they come grovelling? Shame, that is a thing of the past. You’re going to have to learn to deal with conflict. Yup, you’ll need to step into the other room and get yourself together.

#5 Taking turns doing stuff around the house will be a hassle

Man Upset With Wife Over Doing All the House Work

I mean, imagine that one of you is always picking up after the other, and the other just wants to put their feet up. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment getting bae to do simple things such as picking up their socks after taking them off and putting them in the laundry, or just generally cleaning the whole house by yourself while your bae just watches TV.

Come what may, though, all these can be something that can be looked over, especially when you both are willing to make it work.

Change is inevitable, and it’s how you both are willing to come together and compromise that will make living together either a dream or not so much.

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