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EXCLUSIVE PART 2: Black Motion’s Thabo and girlfriend Rakgadi get personal!

Be sure to check out this second part of the interview with the gorgeous power couple!

Last week the couple spoke to us about how they met, their first kiss and who hit on who. In part two of the interview we delve deeper into their relationship and hey, we are still feeling all the feels!

Q: When you fight who makes peace first?

A: Thabo: She always makes peace when we fight and at some point we both just try to sit down and talk it out. We live by the holy book and positivity, so that also plays a role. We always choose to replace fighting and negative thoughts with love, prayer and positivity.

Rakgadi: I think it depends on what caused the fight. Though I always strive for peace and break the ice first, I must say he knows how to put me in a good place and make peace first.


Q: When your partner is mad at you, what do you do to make them laugh?

A: Thabo: When we fight she always manages to melt my heart with texts that definitely calm me down, and before the night ends I know I will have laughed at something she added randomly when we are having a serious conversation. I just don’t know how she does it!

Rakgadi: He has his own way of making me laugh even when I’m mad. He will impersonate people on TV or from his hood, or just throw in some quotes we usually create together. Then I will find myself laughing.


Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while you were with your partner?

A: Thabo: When I was with her at her sister’s house, visiting. We were playing with the dogs and thereafter I had to wash my hands. Her sister offered me a hand-sanitiser and I wanted to go rinse my hands with water as though it was soap. Her sister then said to me: “Oh no, it’s fine. You don’t use water with that, you must just rub it on your hands!” I had to act strong like I knew what was happening!

Rakgadi: For me it had to be on his birthday when he took me to meet his parents. He kind of surprised me and well, I wasn’t really dressed well for the occasion. I had shorts on! He didn’t notice though but I was still feeling some type of way, but luckily his parents didn’t notice either. They were just happy to see me and didn’t care about the shorts.

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We were quite happy to have this power couple let us in on how to maintain a healthy relationship even when there are trials. We wish the happy couple nothing but the best in their love, lives and careers.

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