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#ThusiMustFall is the sweetest ‘must fall’ yet

Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa. (Picture: Instagram)
Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa. (Picture: Instagram)
Robert Marawa says #ThusiMustFall.

We have had #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall, #DataMustFall and #ZumaMustFall, But have you heard of #ThusiMustFall?

#ThusiMustFall may be the most beautiful and loving “must fall” South Africa has seen yet . It all started with celebrity super-couple Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi.

Robert Marawa got himself a Proteas shirt to wear for the upcoming 2017 Champions Trophy cricket tournament. Just like all sports players, he had his surname printed on the back of his shirt.

Cricket South Africa could not control their excitement at this and shared a few pictures of Marawa with his cool new shirt.

Seeing as Thusi is already his fiancée, this means they will obviously be sharing everything in life. That’s just the way it works, fellas.

The actress took to Twitter to respond to the pictures and lay claim to the shirt. The Metro FM DJ then showed his sweet side with this reply.

Awwww, how adorable!  It seems as if what they say is true. The right guy will not change anything about you except for your last name.

We think Pearl Marawa actually has a nice ring to it.

Does this means there are going to be wedding bells ringing soon for the happy couple?

(Featured Image: Instagram)

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