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EXCLUSIVE: Black Motion’s Thabo and Rakgadi give us a glimpse into their love story

Black Motion's Thabo and his beautiful girlfriend, Rakgadi Koetle, give us a peek into their love story!

Thabo and Rakgadi’s love story is one that will have you all in your feelings and wishing you were in love. We asked the couple a few questions about their relationship, and gosh it is cuteness overload!

How did you guys meet?

It’s so weird that the first time we saw each other was not actually meeting one another. It was in Bloem, and we took a picture together. Little did we know that two months down the line we were gonna bump into each other on Instagram. Then that is where it all started!


Who hit on who, and how long did it take the other to say yes?

Thabo: I was the one who crept up on her, and I was fascinated with her fashion, and the fact that she made her clothes herself fascinated me more. I was really interested in not only her beauty but her artistic side, which was super satisfying to smile at.

Rakgadi: Well, he approached me, and with no hesitations, I talked to him because God whispered in my ear, and said: “He is the one.” So I would say it did not take long at all.

Where was your first date?

Our first date was actually in Centurion at Thabo’s house. It was Valentine’s Day, and our first night together as a couple officially and the first time we kissed.

What’s your favourite thing about the other?

Thabo: My favourite thing about her is that she has manners and respect for culture and life. She is very God-fearing and has respect for family and life as a woman.

Rakgadi: My favourite thing about him is his hard work, dedication and self-driven passion. I love how spiritually connected he is to me, and most importantly, the respect he gives me, it’s simply humbling.


When was the most difficult period in your relationship, and how did you overcome it as a couple?

We have had our difficult times like any other couple, but one thing that is amazing about us is that after all that, our love and the bond between us has become stronger. The only way we overcome difficult times is by prayer and communications.

We are crying already, and this is only part one! Keep your eyes fixed on the page for part two, which will be coming soonest.

In part two, the pair talk about how they handle fights, their most embarrassing moments and more!

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