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10 reasons you should date an older person

Left: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Right: Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez. (Picture: Getty)
Left: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Right: Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez. (Picture: Getty)
Age is but a number.

Are you tired of dating someone who speaks in social media shorthand and whose idea of a great date is cheap takeaways?

That is what we like to call a man-child or woman-child. You deserve so much better than that.

Sugar daddies and cougars aside, here are 10 reasons why you should date an older person.

1. Maturity

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Older people are more mature. They know who they are what they are doing with their lives. They have their shit together and are pros at adulting.

2. Financial security

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Money isn’t everything, but it’s just nice to know that a person can hold their own. You don’t want them borrowing money from you to buy airtime or pay rent.

3. Conversation

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You can actually have a meaningful conversation together. You can talk about your career and dreams or even vent about something. Now isn’t that better than gossiping about which celeb has the best rack or six pack?

4. Romance

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He will hold the door open for you or buy you flowers. She will cook a meal for you or buy you that cool new piece of tech you have been dying to get. It’s all about chivalry and appreciation, which seems to be dying down.

5. Commitment

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Playing games in a relationship may be fun at first, but it eventually becomes boring. An older person will be committed to you, so you won’t have to deal with being a side piece. You will be the main attraction.

6. Experience

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Older people have more experience with life and relationships. They can learn from past mistakes, move on and make sure not to repeat them with new relationships.

7. The future

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In it to win it! You can talk to your partner about getting married or having children without them freaking out or running away. Older people don’t beat around the bush. They get straight to the point and embrace the future.

8. Sex

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With age comes experience so older people are usually great in the sack. They have had more time to get their technique down. This means your partner will know where to push the buttons that turn you on, and for how long too.

9. Knowledge

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With age comes wisdom too. Older people know everything about anything. They can introduce you to things you never knew existed, like that hilarious TV show from back in 1989 or that burger joint that has the best burgers in town.

10. Confidence

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There is no question about it: confidence is key. An older person is self-aware, assertive and respected. It could be in the way a person dresses or just talks, but confidence just makes a person sexy.

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